Ashley Berlin

Soft Politics

Bitsy Knox, Lilly Pfalzer, Esben Weile Kjær, Kiani Del Valle

6/25/2019 | 7 PM - 9 PM
Location:Oranienplatz, 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg

Oranienplatz is a public space of polyphonic history. Despite its role in political issues that ensnare the city, it remains free from connotation. It’s un-monumental; we pass through. How do we locate ourselves in this kind of transient state; how do we anchor ourselves within this landscape?
Typically, we are a witness. There is a soft power, a non-coercive weapon that guides our gaze. We are interpellated by this, watching collectively. We are always, already political. Our being in this world is always a public affair, because we are among others.
The performance series “Soft Politics” aims to interpellate soft power. It proposes a practice of dwelling in discordance and speaking with many voices. Our voices aim not to erase or cancel, but to commit to each other, and to find ruptures in the steely tissue of our own social, political and cultural values through poetic actions.

Ashley Berlin is a nonprofit exhibition space founded in 2013 and directed by Kate Brown and Lauryn Youden. Ashley presents work by emerging and under-recognized artists, hosting inaugural solo presentations in Berlin. , @ashley__berlin , @kianidelvalle , @esbenweile , @sunny_pfalzy


If it rains, changes will be announced here.

The event is accessible for all ages.
English, Danish, Spanish and German will be spoken during the event. Knowing any of these languages is not a requirement to attend. Not all performances include spoken word.
If people with wheelchairs and buggies want to access our event, they are very welcome. Oranienplatz is wheelchair and buggy accessible.
If people hard of hearing are interested to come, they should know that Oranienplatz is a public square. There will be noise that we cannot control due to the cityscape but we have taken this into consideration for the spoken word aspects of this event. Print-outs will be provided to the audience which include all the spoken word texts in english.
If deaf visitors attend the event, they will be provided with prints outs which include all the spoken word texts in english.
This event is open to everyone. For any specific questions or concerns regarding accessibility (Neurodiversity, blindness,… ) or you’re planning to attend the event and have requirements that have not been addressed in this list please email us at


Foto Doku : Billie Sara Clarken, @billie_clarken & Heiko Pfreundt