Arts of the Working Class #6

Keep an eye open to the streets! Mano is one amongst many street vendors who is currently offering you the sixth edition of Arts of the Working Class, which has just been published with a ten-page opener for this year’s Project Space Festival. Included: Why the Project Space Festival is undergoing a process of unmapping this year, more thoughts about artistic parasitism and why artistic collaboration is efficacious against toxic autonomy (especially in times where real estate prices shoot upwards). Arts of the Working Class can be sold and purchased by everybody who walks the streets. The revenues remain with the seller.

Contributors: Feben Amara, Anna Bromley, Viktor Čech, Sonja Hornung, Heiko Pfreundt, Lisa Susanne Schorm, Amelie Jakubek, The Institute for Endotic Research – TIER and Alexsandra Norton.