when the image is new, the world is new


Karen Winzer

6/24/2019 | 7 PM - 10 PM
Location:Ringbahnstraße 2, 12051 Berlin - Neukölln
when the image is new #4 round

After the first three exhibitions of when the image is new, the world is new on a former freight depot in Neukölln, which primarily dealt with the specific location and the current urban situation there, Karen Winzer now ventures into the future with her exhibition “Vision”.
This doesn’t only include the guardhouse and the area on which it stands, but also the perspective of the residents of Ringbahnstraße. The real estate project “Neue Ringbahnhöfe”, which will be built on this site between Karl-Marx-Strasse and Hertabrücke in the near future, represents a complex cut into the existing living situation for the residents. Not only the rents will change, but also the perspectives and axes, the light, shadow and air conditions.
Can one simulate all this in advance or visualize it 1:1? Karen Winzer develops various artistic and performative models that will be presented during the opening and the duration of “Vision”.

“Neue Ringbahnhöfe” is the name of a development area that will be built between Karl-Marx-Straße (Neukölln S-Bahn station) and Hertabrücke on the 35,000 m2 ground (approximate to six football fields) of the former Neukölln freight station. The temporary site-specific project when the image is new, the world is new, wants to artistically examine, comment on, discuss and create views and visions in advance of this intricate and multifaceted transformation process for the neighborhood in the heart of Neukölln.

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