Aline Sophie Rainer, Theresa Kanz, Nicoleta Auersperg

6/20/2019 | 6 PM - 10 PM
Location:K├Ârnerpark, 12051 Berlin - Neuk├Âlln

A cello responds to a reading performance.
A mask thinks of Virginia Woolf, shielding every gaze.
Sculptural seating objects that could hurt you from their other side.
Linear drawings that tell stories of longing to be loved and fleeing into another world.
Watching the three of us, only a small detail distinguishes us from you.

GOMO is an artist-run space based in Vienna, founded and led by Nicoleta Auersperg, Mara Novak, and Dorothea Trappel. It invites artists, collectives, and young curators to launch projects that encourage collaboration in the realization of interdisciplinary exhibitions. The first exhibitions took place 2017 in a former car mechanic shop and GOMO has recently moved its mainsite to Volkertplatz in the 2nd District of Vienna. The new space is conceived as a dynamic and socially interactive space open to a cooperative spirit. Being invited internationally for different exhibitions and projects, what is important to the founders is that they do not indulge primarily in a curatorial role, but that they work together with the invited artists in helping to shape the exhibition. In that way reflecting on their multiple roles as artists, project space operators, organizers, and curators.

www.gomoartspace.com , @gomoartspace
www.nicoletaauersperg.com , @nicoletaauersperg


Foto docu : Billie Sara Clarken, @billie_clarken