si:said gallery


Vladas Balsys, Tomas Dauksa, Rolandas Marcius

6/18/2019 | 5 PM - 8 PM
Location:Rummelsburger Bucht, Paul und Paula Ufer, 10245 Berlin - Friedrichshain

The exhibition “Echo” evolves around reconnecting people with nature, city life and a “digital coming back to nature”. Each of the artists have created a work that investigates different aspects of this topic. Cell phones have influenced not only our lifestyle but also our language and behaviour. Ringtones and alert tones are created to allocate these devices to us, they define who is the owner, they give social impressions that then ask him/her to reduce the volume or to leave the public space in order to interact with their said device. We are inside a period of time when metamorphosis is occurring and humans are in a state of becoming birds. Singers been unnoticed.

[si:said gallery] is a non-profit organization established in Klaipeda (Lithuania) in 2013. The gallery presents artworks of Lithuanian and foreign authors. The word „seaside“ chosen for the gallery‘s name sounds as if a phrase „see side“, which can be further interpreted as “see [other] side, shore or seaside“. It describes the aims of the gallery  – to introduce local, „seaside“ artists or the ones arriving from any other „side“, who are already familiar to the local public through one or another aspect of their creative work.



Weather: “No matter rain or snow, come to the show” (Maybe bring an umbrella).
Seating, wheelchair and buggy accessibility: The show will be exhibited along a paved walking path.
The event is accessible for all age groups.
Sounds and Language: There will be sounds, but not in a specific language.
Hearing impairment: Some objects have sound, which will not be accessible for those hard of hearing and thus more difficult to understand.
Blindness: Unfortunately the objects are hung too far away for pedestrians to touch.


Foto docu : Piotr Pietrus